With this blog comes the hopes and dreams that it will serve multiple purposes.
The first and most significant purpose is to serve as an avenue toward healing the pain that many children of families of violence still carry with them in their adult lives.
Secondly, it will provide educational material. As you make your journey, hopefully you will find the support here of others who have made or who are in the process of making this same journey. The tools and the support that you will need can be found here.

Be aware the content of this blog is in no way "Dressed Up". This blog, like family violence itself, is not a walk in the park. Here the reality is faced both past and present!

Content will be added to this blog as it is made available.


Monday, February 11, 2008

It Matters

This tragedy of life,
A small child torn and hurt,
Her innocence taken away.
So violent was his rage,
So angry the pain.....
What's going on,
What did I do?
Why is he hurting me so, tearing me,
The Pain~
I try to scream and nothing is heard.
Why is he so angry with me?
What did I do to deserve this punishment?
he is gone now, I lie here bleeding and hurt.
I am crying, but don't know why.
Nothing has happened, Not really.
I must have awakened from a bad dream.
I lie shivering, clutching my pillow,
Fianlly crying myself to sleep.
It wasn't real,
Just an evil nightmare.
The first of many, I am soon to know.
It couldn't have really happened,
So it doesn't matter how I feel.
Or Does it?

© 2001 by Far
Thank you Far for sharing.

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